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Let's Learn to Love Remote Work the Hard Way

There is a bright side here—a potential for future flexibility

Right now, a lot of organizations that weren’t into the idea of remote work are learning they have to embrace it—quickly.

It’s not exactly something your association might have planned on, but the nature of the coronavirus COVID-19 and its fast spread represents something of a global stress test on the digital resources we’ve spent a half-century building, one where people are being pushed to change their routines en masse in an effort to prevent the spread of a deadly disease. (Fortunately, the internet, despite increased use, has a lot of extra headroom.)

For some organizations, this isn’t a hard thing—as I wrote about a year ago, plenty of companies have done a good job taking remote work and making it their own, and technologies such as Slack and Google Docs have created an infrastructure that can survive even the most serious of threats.

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