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Daily Buzz: Spruce Up Your Website in a Hurry

Small tuneups quickly improve users' experiences

Does your website need a little something extra? There are ways to improve it in just 20 minutes, said Callie Walker of MemberClicks.

“Sure, you can’t do an entire website overhaul in 20 minutes or less, but there are several things you can do that will still have an impact,” she said.

One way is to update your pictures, or add some if you don’t have any.  “People want to see what your association or chamber is all about. Who are your members? What types of events do you hold? What kind of work do you do as it relates to your industry and/or community?” Walker said.

Your website is also a great place to guide members to internal and external resources, but links break over time. Check hyperlinks to make sure they aren’t broken; if they are, fix them.

In addition, consider adding some new content. “Fresh content not only attracts people, but keeps them coming back. It makes your site engaging, and that’s exactly what you want,” Walker said.

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