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When This Pandemic Ends, We'll Have Decisions to Make

We will not be who we were at its beginning

A favorite book I try never to be without is by the late Irish poet and priest John O'Donohue. It's on my bedside table, on my Kindle and on the Kindle app on my phone.

One needn't be Catholic (I'm not) or Irish (I am, but I try not to brag) to appreciate O'Donohue's calm and reassuring presence on every page of his book "To Bless the Space Between Us."\

The book is divided into various sections, each one beginning with an essay that leads into a series of blessings. Under the section titled "Beginnings," there are seven blessings, including "A Morning Offering," "In Praise of Fire" and "For a New Home." Eleven blessings are in the section titled "Desires," including "For Freedom," "For Eros" and "In Praise of Air."

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