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AHA, AMA and ANA Send Letter to Congress on COVID-19 Funding

They want $100 billion for frontline healthcare workers

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), American Hospital Association (AHA) and American Nurse Association (ANA), it is clear that the expenses associated with responding to COVID-­19 will be extraordinary.

They also say it's clear that in those communities that are experiencing community spread, these expenses are already being incurred, creating a significant cash flow problem.

Based on the initial costs in the states with growing COVID‐19 community spread, Congress should allocate $100 billion to frontline healthcare personnel and providers, including physicians, nurses, hospitals and health systems, and direct the federal agencies to begin to infuse funds immediately so that they can afford to take the necessary steps to fight the battle against this unseen enemy.

Please select this link to read the press release the organizations submitted to Congressional leaders.

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