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Permission to Play: Digital Experimentation

Digital experimentation is not only welcome - it is necessary

There are many reasons why our organizations have been a bit….hesitant…to really dive into the digital world. We know the power of in-person. We have tried and trued traditional methods of delivering value that bring both revenue and membership stability. We have staff that have established foundational practices in how the organization runs that may be more reticent to change. We have volunteer leaders that vocalize awareness that the world is trending digital without wanting to be the ones to direct the organization to shift from traditional forms and formats – both because there would be a sense of loss in those who are used to the way things are and because there is risk in trying new – and leaders are inherently adverse to failure happening on their watch.

Welcome to a moment in time where digital experimentation is not only welcome, it is necessary.

Video conferencing, whether Zoom, Goto, Facetime, etc – has been ubiquitous for years. Yet, we know of more than one leader, member, or staff that has resisted turning on video. In our new reality, that isn’t so much a choice anymore.

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