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Remember Gratitude

Thoughtful insights from Lowell Aplebaum, CAE, CPF

In the best of circumstances, moments of change can cause stress and anxiety as we face unforeseen circumstances and build a new normal. In this moment of societal shift, when it feels like change is emerging multiple times a day, organization after organization has shifted into rapid response mode – adapting how they work, how they organize, how they create solutions their members and industries need for the world today.

In the midst of all the just-in-time action being taken, an important element will add sustainability to heightened-need times – gratitude.

Staff – If you had a snapshot of your staff 3-4 weeks ago and your staff this week – how many things would look different? Have they had to transition work space and environment to create an ‘office’ in their home? The daily strength they drew from their colleagues – are they adapting to try and find it virtually? Has need shifted such that they are working early mornings? Late nights? Weekends? How many of them are wondering about job security? Perhaps this isn’t a moment where Starbucks gift cards are the best answer (though Krispy Kreme is still delivering!). 

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