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Daily Buzz: Recruiting Volunteers

It's valuable to communicate why your organization needs volunteers quickly

Volunteers are crucial in carrying out the mission of  an organization. So when opportunities to make a difference suddenly arise, nonprofits need to have a recruitment plan ready, says a blog post by the Forbes Nonprofit Council.

There are multiple ways to effectively recruit volunteers. For one, your organization should always be building recruitment relationships, even before there is an urgent need for assistance.

“Find small ways to connect others to your organization, such as engaging them with your content online, at events, or through donating. This helps volunteers to better understand your needs and how they might plug into your organization when you start recruiting,” says Jamie Aten of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute.

It also helps to clearly communicate why your organization needs volunteers quickly. Social media is a good place to connect those who are passionate about your organization with the volunteer opportunity.

“Most people move and act under a sense of urgency—communicate why we need this job done quickly and how volunteers can help,” says Aaron Alejandro of the Texas FFA Foundation.

While you’re at it, ask your supporters to help spread the word.

“Not all of your supporters will be available when there is an urgent need, but their network might! Be sure to equip and empower your supporters with material so they can tap into their own network and recruit additional support for your organization,” says Alejandra Guzman of the New Orleans Business Alliance.

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