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How to Talk to Essential Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis

Help them see the other side of this uncertain time will come

Even as America presses “pause” on traditional workplace environments, many in our nation’s workforce are still headed out every day to keep essential services, like healthcare and supplies, like food, operating as smoothly as possible. For employers and employees, these are unique times. Keeping a team engaged that is concerned about their own health, and the health of their loved ones, while they also are fearful of the economic volatility, is incredibly difficult. Emotions may run anywhere from gratitude for being employed to frustration for having to work, and those emotions may change hour by hour.

There are a few things smart business leaders can do with communications to help their teams during this time:

Over-communicate. But do it in short, measured bursts. There’s fatigue with the amount of information people are receiving from so many sources. To be most effective, keep it simple and direct. Incorporate both a “push” strategy (distributing information proactively) and a “pull” strategy (providing resource locations for employees to access when needed).

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