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Ohio Restaurant Association Poll Reveals Staggering Impact of COVID-19

More than 47 percent of Ohio restaurants polled closing locations indefinitely

The Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) conducted a statewide poll on the health of restaurants all over Ohio to gauge the effects of COVID-19 on the industry, and the results are sobering. Ohio’s restaurant owners and managers are deeply concerned about employee layoffs, access to government relief and the risk they will need to sell assets to survive.

The survey was conducted over the course of three days (March 22-24) and references information from restaurants’ business week of March 8-14, 2020. The date range signals that many restaurants reported their results prior to the full suspension of dine-in and alcohol sales. ORA predicts future survey outcomes will be considerably more severe.

“As the voice of Ohio’s restaurant community, we want to help elected officials and community leaders fully understand the negative impact this health crisis is having on Ohio’s restaurant industry,” said John Barker, ORA's president and CEO. “These survey results are staggering, and we are doing everything we can to advocate for relief and to ease the hardships Ohio restaurants are facing during this terribly difficult time.”

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