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House Bill 197 Sets Absentee-only Voting for Ohio Primary

Voting will end April 28

With Gov. Mike DeWine signing House Bill 197, the bill sets parameters for how Ohio will go through with the Primary Election.

The bill states people can vote only by absentee ballot going forward and must submit their votes by April 28. There will be no in-person voting except for people with a disability and would want to use the board of elections ADA equipment. Postcards will be mailed with instructions. Voters will have to download an absentee application online or visit your local board for an application. Then you'll have a ballot mailed to you and you'll mail it back.

"So, time is of the essence here," Kathy Meyer said, director of the Allen County Board of Elections. "If you get a postcard, you want a ballot, get that coming--get that application coming, get it back to us. So we can then process and get your ballot to you because then you have to mail it back to us."

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