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Responding to the COVID Crisis

A crisis can present the opportunity to lead more openly

The current crisis is turning everyone’s world around in ways that couldn’t even have been anticipated a few weeks ago. After a half century of talking about the pace of change speeding up and the many innovations that are reorganizing our behavior, now we suddenly have come upon a situation that makes it impossible not to change. We simply have no way to plan for what to do next or how to manage the pace of the upheaval. And yet every day we must act, and even make some tough choices, without any real information about what’s the best direction to take. 

Our businesses and wealth are threatened as never before. Without being able to go to work or attend school, we cannot imagine that things will just go back to some sense of normal. That uncertainty and inability to control makes us anxious. And when we’re anxious, we do impulsive and short-sighted things. 

In times of crisis, feelings of anxiety and threat can cause people to draw inward and only look after themselves. That explains the lines at grocery stores and gun shops. The individualist model regards a business owner as a lone wolf, responsible to the business alone. Rather than seek help, the owner makes the tough decisions on his own.

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