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COVID-19: Financial News for Your Organizations

From OSAE ERT Member Saling Simms Associates: March 13, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted all of our lives. The governor has asked schools to be closed, athletic events (both pro and amateur) have been cancelled, nursing home visits and public gatherings have been severely curtailed. All citizens have been asked to treat this seriously in not taking any unnecessary risks. We agree with the governor and have informed our family at Saling Simms Associates to do the same in deciding to show up to work as well as additional cleaning/disinfecting surfaces between appointments.  

I wish to emphasize that we do remain open to service both your portfolios and appointments. In the spirit of preparedness, Monday, March 16 we all at Saling Simms Associates will be conducting a remote test of our business continuity system. Our physical office will be closed but we will be available for phone calls and web meetings. All advisors and management team (Jim, Brent, Jenn, Peggy and Andrea) will have full access to our servers and online information to answer any questions that you may have. Our relationship management team (Becca, David, Shirley and Sharon) will be available via phone to answer questions or take appropriate messages. They will not at that time, however, be accessing our server files. So, they may have limited answers to your questions until they return on Tuesday or may transfer or refer you to one of the advisors or management team. Brown Consulting CPA’s will be operating as normal on Monday.

After our test, we will be returning to business as normal on Tuesday.

For those of you taking extra precautions, we still recommend or your state’s department of health website for updated info on the virus. Additionally, if you have an appointment scheduled or wish to do it form the comfort of your home or office, you might consider a web meeting for your review.

The web review has become popular with many clients both in and out of state. Both young and old. It is very simple. At your appointment time, you will have a link for a Zoom meeting that we will send to your email. Nothing to install on your computer and we can have people in the meeting from several locations at that same time if you wish. Some clients use this if they wish to include family members, staff or partners who are in different locations. You will see us and if you wish we may see you. Additionally, we will be able to share with you on screen any review documents needed.  If you wish to share documents with us, we can arrange that as well, or - better yet - take a look at using our online tool, Wealth Window, that does supply a secure encrypted vault for you or us to place documents that you may wish to share. If you have not signed up for Wealth Window yet, please email David Graham to have him sign you up. Then schedule an appointment so we can show you all of the wonderful things you can do with that access.

Those with questions should direct them to Saling Simms Associates, 7965 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43235, telephone: (614) 841-1881. 

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