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Daily Buzz: Start Journaling to Better Cope With Challenges

The pratice also helps you learn from the past

When you’re the leader of an organization, facing difficult times is inevitable. If you’re looking for ways to persevere, start journaling, said author and entrepreneur Damon Brown in Inc.

“The best way to make a better future is to truly embrace where you are now—and write it down,” Brown said. “High performers from Tim Ferriss to Mark Cuban swear by taking the time to reflect (in longhand) on your day. It could be first thing—the so-called morning pages—or the evening setup reflecting on your day.”

How does this help? Our memory is unreliable, and journaling gives us an accurate recording of what happened that day and lets us later analyze events in context.

“We can gather insights after something happened, but we don’t remember how we were processing things while they happened,” Brown said. “Some diary writers said they thought the World War II conflict would be done ‘in a matter of weeks.’ Chances are that they remember believing something different. We automatically reframe the truth in retrospect.”

Journaling also helps you learn from the past, Brown added.

“How did you navigate your biggest challenge, say, five years ago? As I write this, we’re talking 2015. Chances are you don’t remember the feelings you navigated, the insecurities you overcame or the ways you grew. If you do remember, your view has been shaped by almost 2,000 days of experience,” he said. 

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