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The Nonprofits and Companies Helping to Fight the Pandemic

More organizations are helping our society now than most people realize

It's been a tough few weeks for everyone. At times, it can feel like the world is unraveling. Whether you’re dealing with sickness, social distancing, working from home for the first time and/or trying to homeschool kids, it isn’t easy. We all want to get back to normal.

We don’t know when that will be, and what normal will look like, but we wanted to point out a few of the organizations, companies, and brands (big and small) that are chipping in to help. While the government has been struggling to administer tests and get enough supplies for health care workers, these organizations have directly helped on the front lines, donated proceeds and supplies, or helped prioritize especially vulnerable customers.

Nonprofits on the Frontlines
If you'd like to donate directly to the charities helping Covid-19 relief, here are a few you might consider.

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