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Three Things Libraries Are Doing to Fight COVID-19

Many are serving as vital resources in their communities

For most Americans, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has altered day-to-day life. Kids are out of school, many stores and businesses are closed and some cities and states are telling people to stay home. It’s hard on all of us.

But community organizations are stepping up to provide much-needed support in these challenging times. Take libraries — in the age of smartphones, e-books and Netflix, these halls of knowledge have refashioned themselves as community institutions. Some libraries are going above and beyond to provide critical services, life-saving resources and family-friendly entertainment as we all struggle together to get through the next few months. Here are 25 things you can do while stuck inside. 

Taking inventory
When Ohio ordered people to stay home and many businesses and organizations to close their doors, Jason Kucsma, executive director of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library, took it seriously. The library system that serves 500,000 people in Northern Ohio shut its doors on March 14, and Kucsma sent all of the employees home.

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