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Rise of the Compensating Introvert

They will shine in the COVID-19 environment

This day has long been coming.

For years, we have structured our meetings, our organizations and even how we work as staff to lean in on extrovert-friendly approaches. Board meetings arranged in large, hollow u-shaped seating designs instead of smaller group tables. Seeking senior staff leaders who are adept at schmoozing with many staff and monitoring the cultural health and stability of the team. Having networking events where meaningful relationships and connections should be made – the heart of the value of many associations – where, when you walk into the room, it feels like a huge crowd with everyone talking to someone. Putting the burden on the attendee to find a stranger to whom they must introduce themselves.

And introverts? To succeed they have navigated the waters as compensating extroverts. Utilizing the tendencies and approaches that best fit the extrovert-friendly situation. This can be a huge draw of energy – exhausting them after acting as an extrovert for any extended period of time. How many times have you mentioned to a peer that they seem extroverted and they respond that they are actually an introvert but know how to act. That moment is exactly the world we have created.

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