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Now Is the Time to Try Things Online

Experimentation in times of crisis can unlock innovation

When it comes to technology, the operative phrase has long been “move fast and break things.” But breaking things usually brings change, which often meets with fear and resistance.

Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, in which the rules are basically being rewritten on the fly,  and a lot of the things that might have held back your digital experiments in the past are off the table for now. Like it or not, this is digital’s time to shine—which changes the parameters of what can be done in your organization, and how.

A Library for Emergencies
One organization that pulled out the digital tightrope in a big way recently was the Internet Archive. Late last month, the nonprofit announced it would take its Open Library product, which allows users to borrow digital copies of books, and create the National Emergency Library. Multiple users can now borrow books simultaneously without having to sign onto a wait list.

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