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Daily Buzz: Stay in Balance While Working Remotely (or at the Office)

It's great to love what you do, but you can't do it 24/7

If you’re passionate about your job, you might be willing to work long hours and forgo other parts of your life. But devoting yourself to your work along could have consequences, argued HubSpot’s Pamela Bump.

“While your role might not ‘feel’ like a job, working long hours without making time for yourself eventually takes a major toll,” she said. “In fact, research shows that throwing yourself into work too heavily could cause stress, burnout, and—commonly—a lonely personal life.”

How do you find the right balance? Start by creating clear boundaries—for example, by setting a hard stop to your workday.

“If your role revolves around large projects or long to-do lists, you might be tempted to work late or on weekends to get more done,” Bump said.

A hard stop each day helps prevent over-exertion.

It’s also important to set aside personal time during the workday: “If your schedule allows, one way to do this is by blocking time for breaks or short self-care activities, such as taking a walk, on your calendar.” These midday activities can help you recharge, reducing stress and burnout.

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