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How to Grow your Association’s Membership Base

Growth is possible - even in times of economic uncertainty

The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) organizes a meeting once every three years. In 2019, when the congress was held in Venice, IPNA broke the record in membership numbers: at the end of the year there were about 1,600 pediatric nephrologists members. Promotion for an autumn trip to Venice was not even needed, and the congress itself had a record attendance.

As the association follows a calendar year basis, C-IN, the company managing the association and its events,  officially launched a membership campaign for the next year in Venice. There were a few dozen interested and many were lured in mainly due to the scientific program or exploration of the historical parts of the city. In November, C-IN then began our first bulk mailings regarding membership renewal.

At the end of March 2020, IPNA grew to 1,395 active members. That is almost a hundred more members than last year when preparations for the congress were in full swing. What helped ensure that the association didn’t lose any members and, on the contrary, manage to actually increase our membership base compared to the previous year?

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