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AHA Enlists Manufacturers to Combat COVID-19 Shortages

How the 100 Million Masks Challenge is helping those on the frontlines

A nationwide initiative, led by the American Hospital Association (AHA), is working to quickly ramp up production of personal protective equipment (PPE) that healthcare workers need to safely care for patients affected by the COVID–19 pandemic.

The 100 Million Masks Challenge is providing manufacturers, community businesses and individuals an opportunity to support their local hospitals by dramatically increasing production of the vital protective gear. Priya Bathija, vice president of AHA’s The Value Initiative, said the project, which started March 26, generated an immediate response from manufacturers, who began downloading specifications from AHA’s website for producing masks, face shields and gowns.

“We’ve seen a number of manufacturers that don’t typically participate in the normal supply chain for PPE products step up and say they have availability and ask if we can connect them with hospitals that need PPE,” Bathija said.

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