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Conscious Consumerism

What we should be buying during the COVID-19 pandemic

How to shop? What to buy? Is it safe to order in? These are the questions we find ourselves asking during this unsettling time of pandemic. To help us navigate the challenging new landscape of grocery shopping, we turned to NBC consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen, who helps explain consciously consuming in the age of COVID-19.

Where can we still shop safely as social distancing continues?
Health experts say ordering groceries through a delivery service is still considered the safest way to get essential items during this “stay at home” period. Instacart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Amazon Fresh or Amazon Pantry, FreshDirect and Peapod are among the largest grocery delivery services. 

But if you are having trouble getting a window scheduled or getting orders filled because of the overwhelming demand, or if you live in an area where delivery services don’t exist, take precautions. Check for curbside pick-up as an option with big chains like Walmart and Target, which allows you to shop online, and then pick up your goods without having to go into the store. 

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