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Working from Home: Tips for Productivity, Mental Health and Staying Healthy

Don't let isolation leave you feeling alone

Individuals work from home for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re a stay at home parent, or maybe your office space is under renovation. Maybe you are sick with the flu or, as it pertains to recent headlines, trying to self-isolate as coronavirus (COVID-19) cases pop up around the country. Whatever the reason for “telecommuting,” there are ways you can ensure you are being productive, healthy and happy while working from home.

Working from home sounds like a luxury, but it comes with a number of challenges. What if you have connectivity issues with coworkers? What if you need something from your office to which you don’t have access? What if you are bombarded with other in-home distractions like pets, family members and electronics?

Getting your work done is important for businesses, but staying healthy (mentally and physically) is just as crucial for at-home workers. It’s all about creating boundaries between work and personal life; that can be a difficult adjustment. Here are some tips for telecommuting, working from home, self-isolating or even self-quarantining—no matter your reasoning.

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