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OSAE, Saling Simms Associates Announce Launch of OSAE 401(k) Retirement Plan Exchange

A high-quality retirement plan can help attract and retain talented employees


Last year, OSAE heard from members that they wanted to investigate the option of creating a stronger benefits retirement program for their staffs and also as a way to enhance the benefits they could provide new employees who can often get more robust offerings from for-profit organizations. 

Given this interest, OSAE's leadership worked with OSAE Member Saling Simms Associates to investigate whether we could offer our members access to a Multiple Employer Plan (MEP). In fact, we asked, "Would you say 'yep' to a MEP?" The answer was, "yes." Enough members expressed an interest, and our two organizations are excited to announce the formation of the OSAE 401(k) Retirement Plan Exchange.

"We are excited to announce this offering to our members at a time when everyone is facing new challenges," said OSAE President & CEO Jarrod A. Clabaugh, CAE. "Our leadership recognized that members were asking for a long-term investment in their organizations that could be both beneficial to them as individual organizations but, most importantly, to the people who work on their staff. Saling Simms Associates expressed a desire to move the program forward, and now we can say that we provide this to our membership."

What exactly does this mean?

Teaming with the OSAE Members' 401(k) Retirement Plan Exchange addresses the areas that matter most to employers seeking to offer a retirement plan.

    With the exchange by your side, 99 percent of the administrative tasks are done for you.
    The exchange is responsible and accountable for administrative and investment oversight.
    Consistently remain in compliance with Department of Labor (DOL) and IRS regulations, and 
    By aggregating assets with other business, employers reduce costs to administer the plan.

To learn more about the program, please download this insightful document from OSAE and Saling Simms Associates.

To get involved or to simply learn more, please contact Saling Simms Associates' Peggy Slaughter via email or phone at (614) 841-1881. 

A high-quality retirement plan can help attract and retain talented employees.


Please note: Before adopting any plan you should carefully consider all of the benefits, risks and costs associated with a plan. Information regarding retirement plans is general and is not intended as legal or tax advice. Retirement plans are complex, and the federal and state laws or regulations on which they are based vary for each type of plan and are subject to change. In addition, some products, investment vehicles and services may not be available or appropriate in all workplace retirement plans. Plan sponsors and plan administrators may wish to seek the advice of legal counsel or a tax professional to address their specific situations. Investment manager services when offered are provided by Saling Simms Associates.

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