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Three Ways to Stay Energized During Uncertain Times

Fact: COVID-19 has introduced a high degree of uncertainty into our lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a high degree of uncertainty into our homes, businesses and minds on a global scale. Lack of consistency in our daily schedules and unanswered questions have stimulated anxiety, which is amplified by the staggering statistics being constantly presented to us.

Those continuing to work, either remotely or on site, are subject to a unique mix of emotions: burnout, feelings of not doing enough, fear of losing one’s job, and more -- all of which are energy-draining.

In order to effectively reduce burnout, promote overall health, and increase effectiveness, during these trying times it would be helpful to focus on activities, habits, and mindsets that promote thriving. We present three research-based strategies for sustaining energy during this exceptionally challenging time.

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