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Daily Buzz: Avoid the Thinking Traps That Are Holding You Back

Your mind is your worse enemy

Stuck with negative thoughts? You might be falling into thinking traps that are hard to get out of.

“Not only do these thinking patterns drag you down when it comes to achieving your goals—they can, in extreme cases, be detrimental to your health,” said Nathalie Gaulhiac and Ruqayyah Moynihan on Business Insider.

One well-known trap is being an overly harsh self-critic, like constantly telling yourself you’re not likable or lovable. To shed these thoughts, remind yourself of your worth: Remember that friends and family enjoy spending time with you, or make a list of your positive qualities.

“When negative thoughts enter your head, actively try to remind yourself to be realistic by saying ‘I am lovable’ or ‘I make an important contribution,’” Gaulhiac and Moynihan said.

Another common thinking trap is catastrophizing—the irrational belief that something is far worse than it actually is. When these thoughts come to you, ask yourself: What’s the worst that could happen? How likely is it the worst thing will happen? What can I do if the worst thing does happen?

“If you take a moment to answer these questions, you may find that the problem is not as bad as you’d previously thought and, equally, that the worst-case scenario isn’t either,” Gaulhiac and Moynihan said.

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