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Daily Buzz: Ideas for Freshening Up Your Newsletter

How to make each version unique for members

Members are always looking for fresh content, and newsletters are a great place to provide it. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach to every newsletter, take time to make each one unique.

“Sure, some of your content will need to be repeated month to month (your upcoming events and featured content, for example), but when time and space permit, why not try something new?” said Callie Walker of MemberClicks.

To keep your newsletter fresh, consider adding a section that changes every time, such as a “Tip of the Month” blurb that covers all corners of your association’s industry.

“This hits all three ‘content musts’ on the head: It’s valuable, easily scannable, and likely something you haven’t done before,” Walker said.

Tackling new questions straight from members can also provide value. Walker said to create a Q&A in a style similar to the advice column “Dear Abby.”

“Think of this like a mentorship but for your entire membership. Encourage your members to submit questions (anonymously is fine), and then have someone from your staff—or an industry leader—address those questions.”

Though your newsletter should focus on your own organization, a recommendations section with links to other organizations and resources can provide more value to members. Walker suggested highlighting social media accounts to follow, industry blogs, apps or books.

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