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To Leaders and Business Owners: We See You

We are a community

This is a message especially for all of those who lead or own businesses. We see you. We notice the things you’re doing. In these most trying of circumstances, you’re doing a good job. And you should be confident in your ability to steer the ship through troubled waters. It’s not just your job – it’s who you are – and you’ll keep rowing to the other side. Your leadership matters – and it is appreciated.

And there are many things others don’t see that we know that you are facing. Platitudes and gratitude only go so far. These are BIG things – with broad impacts.

The waking up in the middle of the night wondering what the next 3 to 6 months holds. The continual crunching of the numbers to make sure your business will remain viable. The calls with the bank, the asks of your landlord, the consideration of what expenses must stay and what can go – it’s all happening and it’s all happening at once. While the outside world may think you’re strong and you’ve got this together, it’s inside where your faith in yourself is being tested.

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