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Ohio Mo­tor­coach As­so­ci­ation Formed to Help Save Industry

COVID-19 is impacting countless industries

At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis in the U.S., the airline corporations were among the first to feel the impact, and the White House sent signals that providing financial relief would be a priority.

Another sector of the transportation industry — motorcoaches — has also been devastated by the pandemic, and without relief.

  • The motorcoach industry came to a screeching halt when social distancing orders went into effect 
  • A group of operators decided to form the Ohio Motorcoach Association to serve as one statewide voice for the industry
  • Members say the new Ohio association they've formed is not only working to support the business owners, but the thousands of employees across the state

Seven and a half million people ride on motor coach buses each year, based on information from the United Motorcoach Association — North America’s largest association of professional bus and motorcoach companies. The majority of motorcoach companies are family-owned and operated.

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