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Daily Buzz: How Leaders Can Define a Clear Vision for Success

There are multiple ways to crystallize the goal you’re working toward

Where do you want your organization to go? What do you want it to accomplish? As a leader, it’s important to have clear answers to these questions.

“Leaders have the opportunity to build a business from humble beginnings into being a trailblazer in their chosen industry. However, to achieve this task, the leader needs to clearly define their goal and vision for how to attain that goal,” says the Forbes Communications Council.

There are multiple ways to crystallize the goal you’re working toward. One strategy is to create a blueprint that outlines the necessary steps to take to know if your idea is worth pursuing.

“After doing your research, you may find a great idea is already taken or not in your best interests,” says Be Unique Consulting’s Cody McConnell, a Forbes Communications Council member.

It might also be easier to start your plans with the end result in mind.

“The better you ‘see’ the end result in terms of quantitative and qualitative features, the clearer and shorter will be the path to make it happen,” said IBM’s Svetlana Stavreva, a Forbes Communications Council member.

Clear mission and vision statements can help guide every step an organization takes, says Forbes Communications Council member Holly Chessman of Holly Chessman Marketing.

“A few well-crafted sentences will be enough to stick in everyone’s heads and unite them with purpose and understanding of the end goal,” Chessman said.

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