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Virtual Audience Engagement: Keep Your Remote Attendees Happy

There is a lot of unknown ground surrounding virtual events

It’s high time we talk about virtual audience engagement. Because yes, there is a lot of unknown ground surrounding virtual events. From the choice of platform to the intricacies of re-enacting the in-person experience, planners have their plates full. And perhaps the biggest concern of all lies in the fact that engaging virtual audiences is hard. It’s one thing to have someone physically present in a space and tuning out. But it’s a completely different story when they don’t even bother to tune in or give up on the event ten minutes in.

The latter is a common concern for planners trying to convert their events into virtual experiences. Because this time around, you’re not just competing with attendees’ phones. You’re competing with the whole Internet, their dog that wants to be walked, and the three-year-old kid crying in the corner. So how do you go about putting together a fool-proof virtual audience engagement strategy? Well, that’s exactly what we’re about to tell you! Sure, engaging remote attendees is harder than engaging those who are physically present. But it’s far from impossible and, as you’re about to see, quite doable. So let’s get learning!

Before The Event
You have to remember to plan a virtual audience engagement strategy that includes steps to take before the event. Think about it the same way you’d do with an in-person event. You want your attendees to be hyped! And especially now that you’re competing for their attention, it’s important to focus efforts on promoting your virtual experience.

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