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COVID-19 Protests Tout Independence as National Groups Eye Election

They are trying to make people fear the U.S. government

Madison Elmer got the offer shortly after she and some friends started organizing a protest to oppose Wisconsin's coronavirus stay-at-home order: An outside group wanted to chip in some money to help pay for the rally she plans this week. Concerned about the strings that could be attached, Elmer turned it down. 

"We felt like it had a political agenda behind it,” said the Wisconsin native, who declined to name the group. “We didn’t want to be pawns in somebody’s else’s game.” 

As protesters across the country plan to challenge statewide coronavirus orders, they fiercely resist a growing narrative that they are aligned with or funded by national groups, gun rights organizations or entities supporting President Donald Trump’s reelection – even as some of those groups take part in the events.

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