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What COVID-19 Will Teach Us About Scholarly Publishing

Social distancing rules will impact us for many months - if not longer

We are several months into the global COVID-19 pandemic with no sense for how much longer closures and stay-at-home orders will be in place. With talk in the Unites States about when we will get back to in-person work and school, guidelines indicate that when we go back, it won’t be the same. Social distancing, mask wearing and a ban on in-person meetings will be required.

Social distancing in an office setting and especially a lab setting will likely mean that not everyone will be at work at the same time, on the same days.

A continuing wrinkle in the get-back-to-the-office plan is that schools are currently closed and summer activities for kids are already being canceled. Just last week, Girl Scouts announced that their ban on in-person events is extended through August 14, 2020. This is a huge blow given the thousands of girls that attend Girl Scout camps over the summer. Other organizations are likely to follow suit. Working parents whose offices open for business will continue to struggle with their kids having nowhere to go this summer.

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