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Three Reasons to Embrace SEO During COVID-19

Now might be the time to dive into your search engine results

For better or worse, much of the way that we interact with people has shifted from offline forms to online forms, at least for the moment.

And that means that purely digital ways of reaching potential customers or members are more important than ever—which means that if your organization relies on search already, you could be seeing traffic benefits.

Recent research from Path Interactive notes that many sites heavily optimized for search saw significant increases in organic visibility in the past two months, especially those targeted at health issues, general news, and politics. For example, Cleveland Clinic saw a more than 80 percent increase in search visibility, while the New York Post and POLITICO saw increases of 73.3 percent and 65.6 percent, respectively. But video workout site, Daily Burn, saw the most benefit, with a 310.2 percent bump.

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