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Daily Buzz: Give Feedback Without Being Rude

Be clear, direct and respectful with employee feedback

Clear, direct feedback is great for business because it allows employees to learn from their mistakes and grow as professionals. But be careful not to step over the line.

“I’m all about being direct with colleagues and direct reports—but not when ‘candor’ is used as an excuse to act like a jerk,” said Emma Brudner on Inc.

There are ways to toe the line between honesty and disrespect. For one, instead of dumping bad news and walking away, take the time to have a conversation with an employee.

“You owe it to the other person to answer any questions they have, help them process, or at minimum invite them to respond and listen,” Brudner said. “Running out of the room as soon as feedback leaves your lips shows that you only care about getting your point across—and failing to show the other person courtesy only undermines what you have to say.”

Feedback will also be received better when you know something about the person with whom you’re talking.

“Feedback gets infinitely more effective when you’ve taken the time to get to know the other person’s dreams, motivations, and insecurities,” Brudner said. “That way, you can frame your feedback in terms of the things they care about and how it gets them closer to or farther away from their goals.”

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