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Apple is Making it Easier to Unlock Your iPhone Without Face ID

This is to help everyone who is wearing masks now

Apple released beta iPhone software on Wednesday that makes it easier to unlock your iPhone without using Face ID and while wearing a mask. Right now, if you’re wearing a mask, you need to lift your mask to unlock an iPhone with Face ID.

Otherwise, there’s a small but annoying delay between when the phone realizes it can’t see your face and when it presents the screen to enter in a passcode. You can just turn off Face ID, but then you don’t get the convenience when you’re at home and not wearing a mask.

In the new iOS 13.5 beta 3 code, which was released to developers for testing on Wednesday, Apple simplifies the unlock process for folks wearing masks by bringing the passcode field to the main screen. All you need to do is swipe up if you’re wearing a mask, and you’ll skip the Face ID display and enter in a code instead.

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