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Three Things to Stop Doing This Week

Some tips on achieving more while working at home

For many of us in the United States, week seven or so of the work from home (WFH) period is underway. And, even as attention turns to how to get people back to the office, it’s pretty clear that we are at the beginning of a pretty long haul of a lot more working from home than we ever thought we would.

From my vantage point as a long-time work from homer and a coach to a lot of leaders and teams who are new to the scene, what I’m seeing is a slow realization that we’re in a marathon - not a sprint. That means we’re going to have to adjust if we plan to finish the race on our feet. About a month ago on the Pivot podcast with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway, noted relationship counselor and therapist Esther Perel observed of the early days of WFH, “Never before have people worked so hard and gotten so little done.”

Inspired by Perel and what I’m seeing and hearing, here are three recommendations of things you need to stop doing this week if you want to work a little less hard and, in the process, achieve more.

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