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Daily Buzz: Turn Fundraising into a Live Event via Instagram

Live events often boost energy and charitable giving

Looking for a new way to raise funds for your cause? Nonprofits can take advantage of a new feature for Instagram Live that allows live viewers to directly support approved organizations, The Verge reports.

“Livestream hosts can decide what organization they want to support, and during their show, they’ll be able to see how much money has been raised as it’s happening, along with how many people are supporting the cause,” says The Verge’s Ashley Carman.

Now, hosts can decide to make their live session a fundraiser from the beginning of the stream. “The company already offers a donation sticker for stories, but this new functionality brings the idea to the newly popular livestreams,” Carman says.

Other social media platforms have made similar moves. TikTok already announced the launch of an interactive feature called Donation Stickers, which creators can use on their videos and livestreams to raise funds for charities directly in the TikTok app.

Instagram has rolled out other new features since it reported a major spike in live usage—features that make it easier to view and save live content. For example, Instagram recently made it possible for viewers to watch and comment on live videos from their desktop. The company is also reportedly testing a button that allows people to upload their finished livestreams directly to IGTV.

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