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Daily Buzz: Try These Unsung Online Marketing Tactics

Embrace new strategies to drive excitement, interest

When putting together online marketing strategies, it’s tempting to fall back on what works. However, go to the well too much and your message might not be as impactful.

“Thinking outside of the box when conducting marketing strategies is essential. You don’t want to bore your customers, and you don’t want to get bored creating the same campaigns, either,” said HubSpot’s Kayla Carmicheal. “If you can’t take much more of the same, your audience probably can’t, either.”

Instead of another email list or blog post, try something like creating and distributing infographics, Carmicheal said. If you’ve never made one before, infographic templates can help you get started.

“If you’re distributing data on social media, infographics present the complicated information in a simple, fun format,” she said. “Visual content is more engaging than text and still presents the information in a useful way.”

In the same vein, you can invest in a video series. Content could include anything that relates to your brand, such as videos spotlighting colleagues or a quick Q&A session on Instagram where staff members field questions from the audience and post the video answers on your organization’s Instagram Stories.

She also suggests that, if you have content of your own, uploading it to YouTube and sharing it with your members. “That way, content is accessible in multiple areas for your audience,” Carmicheal said.

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