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How to Ease a Mild Coronavirus Infection

Nine tips to overcoming COVID-19

t was 3 a.m. and I was lying in bed listening to ambulance sirens. Nighttime is usually quiet in my Brooklyn neighborhood, but not in recent weeks.

Wrapped like a burrito in my heavy comforter with another blanket draped over me, I was still cold. The thermometer hadn’t strayed from 101.2° Fahrenheit since 11 p.m., which was when I arranged myself in bed in this position, staying very still. My head was throbbing as if I were suspended upside down in the air, and my chest was heavy. It felt like something could explode internally if I breathed in too deeply.

Also, I was alone. That’s usually not a problem for me. But then, on the seventh day of my COVID-19 quarantine, it was scary as hell.

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