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Contactless Payments Can Boost Retail Industry

They are safer as they require less physical interaction

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Americans to change their behavior in order to protect their communities, loved ones and themselves. Increasingly, consumers are relying on technology, such as contactless payments, to support their needs and help them maintain a sense of normalcy during this unprecedented time.

For merchants and their customers, now is a good time to learn about contactless payments which require less physical interaction and are just as secure as EMV. This technology will help keep both merchants and consumers safe while allowing businesses to not only stay up and running, but flourish in the long term.

What Exactly are Contactless Payments?
Contactless payments refer to digital payments that use technology to securely communicate a customer’s payment information to a merchant without any physical contact, unlike handing over cash or multiple people touching a credit card. It is easy, secure and nearly instant.

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