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How a Strong Culture Can Keep Your Organization Resilient

Don't allow COVID-19 to claim your culture as its victim

Just because you can’t have all-hands meetings or weekly check-ins in person doesn’t mean you can leave your employees adrift at home right now. If you’ve worked to build a strong organizational culture that connects your team to each other and fuels their sense of mission, you have a valuable asset to leverage when the team is scattered and you’re facing new challenges together.

How can you nurture your organization’s culture from a distance and tap it to keep your team engaged and productive? Here are a few ideas from different organizational disciplines:

Ensure that everyone is working together. Clearly, collaboration, brainstorming and problem-solving—which often benefit from teams gathering in a room together and bouncing ideas off the wall—are more difficult now. In a ZDNet column, authors Vala Afshar and Brad Martin explain that connection is still key, but it needs to be supported differently.  “In today’s work environment, physical proximity to your co-workers is not an option,” they write. “You must embrace digital proximity, and empower this digital proximity with the best business culture to support your customers, employees, stakeholders and community.”

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