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Many Ohio Farmers Have Been Hit Hard By Pandemic

However, some feel a new USDA program could help

Ohio is among the top states for several agricultural crops and for food production and processing. But while farming is considered an essential business under the various shutdown orders, it's a tough time for those who run the state's 76,000 farms. Gene DeBruin owns a small dairy farm in Fayette County south of Columbus. Each of his 33 cows produce about four gallons of milk daily. And day-to-day operations have been basically the same since the Stay Home order in March.

“Our life on the farm has not changed. The milk truck comes. The service folks come. Our feed is delivered. So pretty much, spring has come and we have just done our thing," DeBruin says.

But Ty Higgins with the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation says it’s a tough time for many dairy farmers.

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