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Get Better at Conflict by Embracing Discomfort

Allow people who irritate you to become your teachers

As trite as it sounds, there are always amazing personal growth opportunities in every crisis. Leading in a COVID-19 economy requires a higher level of conflict capacity than leading when things are stable. There’s never been a better time than the present moment to consciously increase conflict capacity. This post explains why the opportunity is now, and what you can do to increase your own conflict capacity.

Why now?

At the beginning of a crisis, people tend to band together and hyper focus on survival, but once the smoke clears, every shape and sort of conflict comes to the surface. Issues that might have taken years to see or address appear seemingly overnight in full spotlight. Recently a middle manager said to me, “I dislike the new COO so much that I dread going to work. After two decades of using work to escape my unhappy marriage, now I have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.”

A common thread for this manager is the relationship issues at home and at work.

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