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Working from Home

Six tips to being productive and comfortable

Working from Home Tip #1: Create a dedicated workspace
While getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle for most, it can be even tougher for those of us working from home. Instead of grabbing your laptop and heading back under the covers, you’ll want to set up a dedicated workspace.

Don’t cut corners when setting up your workstation. If you have a laptop, consider getting an external monitor to expand your visual workspace. Clear your area of any personal clutter (apart from decor) that could distract you from work.

Tip #2: Set work hours and expectations
Be clear with everyone about the time you are “working” and the time you are “home”. Choose specific work hours that you’ll stick to and communicate them with your family, friends, and coworkers. A shared calendar shows coworkers when you’re available to meet or respond to email and when you are offline for friends and family. Setting limits can help you be more focused when working and more relaxed when you aren’t. Also, it’s okay to take breaks as you would at an office, but don’t get sucked into social media or distractions just because you’re at home.

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