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How a Joint Member Effort Helped the Fight Against COVID-19

Collaboration may be key for organizations aiming to survive the pandemic

Medical illustrators’ painstaking work to portray invisible threats was put to the test as the COVID-19 pandemic gathered momentum and spread rapidly around the globe. Their ability to produce accurate representations of the virus got a boost when Michael Konomos, an Emory University School of Medicine illustrator who serves on the Association of Medical Illustrators’ (AMI) board of governors, came up with an idea.

As Konomos was conducting his own meticulous research to create illustrations related to COVID-19, it occurred to him that establishing a central repository for research about the virus would cut the time other medical illustrators around the country—and the world—would need to spend looking for the same information. And it would expedite their work preparing materials for healthcare professionals on the front lines, the general public, scientists and others responding to COVID-19.

Spirit of Sharing
Konomos’ idea began as a post on AMI’s online member hub suggesting that illustrators collaborate and share resources. He set up what he called a “low-tech” but easily accessible Google document to house the information, and members soon began contributing to it.

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