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Daily Buzz: Use Data Visualization to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Transformation provides greater insight

Using data to inform your marketing efforts is a great way to improve performance. But for some, it’s not easy to sift through mounds of digital information to get to the important insights. Data visualization can help with that.

“By showcasing the most critical data in a visual format, it makes the information easier to process and understand,” said Jacqueline Zote on Sprout Social. “This not only makes the data easier to understand but also pleasant to look at, which helps you get people’s attention more effectively.”

Data visualization transforms large data sets into visual formats, from charts and scatter plots to infographics and heat maps. This provides greater insight into your data since it makes it easier to identify trends and patterns.

“It adds more context and assigns meaning to your data, helping you understand its relevance in the real world and how you should apply it,” Zote said.

Data visualization also engages the audience. If you want to present information to members, you can show a colorful and easy-to-digest chart instead of a sea of data.

“There’s no doubt that well-designed visuals are attractive and engaging,” Zote said. “Data visualization combined with data storytelling can help you draw in your target audience and engage them.”

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