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Daily Buzz: Automation Can Help You Build Healthy Habits

How technology can keep you from burning out

With the pressures and responsibilities of professional life, it can be difficult to maintain the right work-life balance. If you’re struggling, you can get some help from digital tools you probably have access to already.

“Simple strategies can minimize burnout, but it’s hard to establish healthier habits when ‘rise and grind’ culture has made us feel guilty for taking a vacation. If you find yourself high on will but low on power, try out an automatic workflow,” said Krystina Martinez on the Zapier blog.

Start with your schedule; without a rigid plan for the day, you might find yourself working very long hours. To combat this, make your work schedule public for your team, Martinez added. That way, coworkers can book meetings within your working hours and keep you accountable if you’re working late.

“You can keep your team in the loop automatically by creating a workflow to set your Slack status to show when you’re outside of your working hours or set it according to your work calendar," Martinez said. "This will alert your colleagues when you’re offline or in a meeting.”

You can also make sure you’re getting enough breaks with help from your online calendar.

“Block off time on your calendar every day to step away for lunch. It doesn’t have to be the precise time, but a general ballpark will do," she added. "You’ll find that you won’t get booked for meetings as much.”

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