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Why Charisma Is an Essential Part of Modern Leadership

Leaders must break through distractions to drive engagement

The formula for leadership hasn't really changed over time. Heaps of ingenuity and innovation plus scads of ambition and a healthy helping of charisma are what you need to be a good leader. 

Without question, there are giants in our history who bear this out. Martin Luther King Jr., for instance, wowed scores of Americans -- not just with his public speaking, but with his unmitigated compassion.

This formula has application in business, too. Just watch an Apple keynote from the early 2000s; there was no question that beloved Steve Jobs, whose dedication and vision alone were enough to draw in Apple zealots, was revered as a beacon in the world of technology. He evinced -- in spades -- many qualities that figure into the leadership formula, including a deep connection to his "fans."

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