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Creating a Sense of Safety in Your Remote Conversations

People need to feel safe to say what's on their minds

Though virtual conversations will never be as powerful as being with someone live, your success depends on how fast you create an environment where people feel comfortable enough to say what is on their minds. You can create conditions necessary for growth and change by generating a sense of safety in your online conversations.

Online Psychological Safety
The brain is always evaluating how safe it is to offer thoughts and ideas, ask questions and mention mistakes. People must feel they will not be judged for what they share. Also, they must trust your intention is to be helpful, not to make them act in ways you or others would approve.

The psychologically safe environment you must create is more difficult in times of crisis and uncertainty, when people are experiencing high levels of fear and doubt. Social distancing is causing anxiety, depression and stress.The quality of your presence is more crucial to the effectiveness of your online conversations now more than ever.

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