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Quality at Home: Tips for Professional-grade Livestreaming

Here are some tech tips worth having at the ready

You probably know by now that you shouldn’t sit near a window when you’re on a video call, or that you might need to invest in some software to improve your work-from-home experience.

But the tools we use at home for videoconferencing have limits and don’t always work well when you need higher image quality. Laptop webcams are known for their “potato quality,” and even the most recent laptops have webcams that offer resolution of around 720p, which is a lower than the original iPhone’s camera was capable of 13 years ago.

And that’s bad news when you’re trying to put on virtual events, where higher quality video might matter more than usual. (Also not helping: Webcams are expensive and hard to find right now.) So, what can you do to help bridge the gap when trying to shoot video virtually?

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